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Moving in Europe

Transport by removal van
A removal within Europe is characterized by the transportation of your movables by removal van. The goods are specially packed and often loaded on board the same van that offloads at the point of destination. For transport or offloading purposes the services of foreign removal companies may be employed.

To perform these removals adequately the mover will have to know all about the local circumstances. The specialised movers have great experience in regular transports to and from destinations which are often difficult to reach as they have agents of their own at their disposal in a large number of countries and towns. Moreover, due to regular transport and by combining removals, the specialised mover is in a position to offer you low quotations.

Moving process
A move normally consists of packing, loading, transport followed by unloading and unpacking.

Prior to the move small goods are packed in boxes and clothing is stowed in special 'wardrobe boxes'. Of course, valuable goods, such as antiquities and paintings, can and will be packed professionally. You can choose to do your own packing, thus saving quite considerably. Most often valuables or fragile goods are packed by the mover. Disassembling large pieces of furniture can also be done by the mover.

On the arranged date the mover will load your movables into the removal van. It is essential that your goods are loaded with the greatest possible care so as to avoid any damage to them.

The goods are then transported to the storage facilities of the mover in a van with air suspension. In case of temporary storage the goods will be placed inside the premises. Most often the mover will combine your removal with others to keep your costs down. Sometimes up to six or seven removals with different destinations are combined into one trip. Experienced international movers make a detailed inventory and mark your goods with numbers, thus preventing mix-ups.

The unloading of a European removal is often done by the driver of the removal van with the assistance of local movers. Especially in European removals easy access to the destination (hilly terrain, long driveways, narrow streets, etc.) is essential.

During the unpacking, the goods and furniture are placed in the right rooms. The unpacking of boxes is usually done by the owner, who puts everything in its right place. The assemblage of furniture can be taken care of by the movers.